We aim to bring love, hope, faith, and transformation in the name of Jesus to the people of the San Quintin Valley. Our goal is to be a leader in community development and sustainability, specifically in regards to at- risk youth, and their families.

By the end of 2021, our goal is to have:

Blessing Children

  • 15 schools built
  • 200 children participating in our soccer league.
  • Have 500 children in MSQ DC breakfast clubs.
  • Developing our monthly, Compa Reunion young adult church into a full, Saturday night church venue for young adults.

Blessing Teens

  • Fully functioning "At Risk Youth Program" (Compa and Chava Ministry), including life skills, job training, and counseling.
  • Continue to grow and develop our alternative, online school program that has begun.
  • Aquire the building in the community of Las Misiones we envision as the Compa/Chava Dream Center for At-Risk Youth, a drop-in center with 2 sports, and 2 business start-ups for these young adults in our program.
  • Provide a much needed, ongoing, young adult church ministry on Saturday nights, so as not to compete with local churches, rather enhance and add to what they are already doing.

Blessing Families

  • Continue meeting needs for basic necessities, crisis intervention, providing homes, repairing existing homes, child development training.
  • Educational support for children to be in school with provision of supplies, and uniforms.

Blessing Others

  • Working with local churches in supporting and more affectively reaching out to their communities.
  • Partnering with other ministries in the valley working toward unity, community development, and sustainable change.
  • Continuing to develop volunteerism and service projects with our Compa and Chava Ministry.