Our Story

Mission San Quintin Dream Center (MSQ DC) is a non-profit organization committed to building relationships with the people of Vicente Guerrero. For more than 10 years, numerous families and individuals have been assisted with shelter, nutrition, and education.

MSQ DC was created in the summer of 2012 and grew from an outreach program run by Saanich Baptist Church (SBC) in partnership with International Disciple Training (IDT).

Early on, MSQ DC determined to establish ourselves within the community rather than simply dropping in supplies and leaving. Part of that commitment is developing a better understanding of the needs of the people by networking with nearby churches, rehab centres, orphanages, women’s transition houses, and the Mexican government.

As we continue to grow, MSQ DC is devoted to orchestrating community development and sustainability by focusing on kids and teens. Our goal is to bring faith, love, hope, and transformation in the name of Jesus to the people of the San Quintin Valley.