We run four breakfast clubs. Our first club began mid-November 2016 in partnership with a local church in San Telmo. We host between 60 and 100 children once per week.

We partner with Casa Church, two breakfast clubs,each providing a nutritious meal for 100 kids every weekend.

In Las Misiones, we partner with Ovi Kids hosting 150 children. 

Our goal is to provide a consistent, solid meal for these children. Often, this is the only good meal they receive. Ultimately, we would like to reach all of the under-nourished children in the San Quintin Valley.

Just imagine if there were enough breakfast clubs in the valley that no child here went hungry! 

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If you would like to assist with one of our breakfast clubs, let us know in the form below or speak with our MSQ DC director when you are plannig your mission with us and we can make this a part of your trip with us.

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