Education is proven to help break the cycle of poverty.  Part of our mission goal at MSQ is community development and sustainable change, one community at a time.

With prevention as a goal, repairing an existing school, adding 1-2 classrooms, or building a new school in a community where there is a waiting list of children, is crucial when targeting at-risk youth!

Again, partnering with local government in this endeavor has proven beneficial in several ways.  First, we are updated with current statistics, data and important information and connections in the most impoverished neighborhoods.  Second, the government will provide additional funding for bathrooms, playgrounds, and other needed amenities.  Third, the community (teachers, parents, government officials, local churches, mission's team and the children) all come together, share a meal, and officially dedicate the school. This contributes greatly to community adhesiveness, which in turn strengthens the community.

For more information, OR to donate to a school project, please contact MSQ or simply go to our "Give" page.